Monstrous American Big Block Power to Propel New Uber Exotic!


This is the Locus, the brainchild of Canadian exotic tuner Luc Chartrand. Chartrand envisaged a car that would have no need to be envious of any car it met on the street, and came up with this piece of insanity. If these go into production, they could be this century’s McLaren F1! It’s even a three-seater with center driving. The over-the-topness of this is probably summed up best by the tire size–the rear sports ridiculous 415/30/18 Goodyears. Who knew tires that wide even existed? They are mounted on megabuck 3-piece 18×13 rims. Still, my beating heart! And best of all, the beast is propelled by good old Chevrolet muscle. Can it be put into words the awesomess that is when a lifelong Lamborghini tuner powers his ideal supercar with a 502-cubic-inch Chevy? Doubt it. Bottom line, we at Daytona Blue are big fans of Luc Chartrand, a true visionary who realizes that 550 horsepower can be had for little more than ten large when you choose Bowtie power.

Check the Locus site for more of the ridiculously awesome details-

And for more good pics see


11 Responses

  1. hello daytona blue, just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog… wow.


  3. Oh my God never heard of it..but is a rally nice looking car!!

  4. its a SSC AERO ripoff

  5. Mr. Gearhead, this thing uses a Chevy big block. The SSC Aero utilises a proprietary 387cid twin-turbo V8 pushing over 1000HP. And yeah it looks a little similar, but then don’t all these uberexotics?

  6. Que buen auto

  7. The SSC was a rip-off of the diablo lamborghini as you can see from a-pillar to b-pillar and overall shape.I hate loud mouths.

  8. andcut you idiot..die

  9. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Thanks for the post

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