NY Times’ Lawrence Ulrich is a Hater


 Ulrich is apparently a tree-hugging hater of cool American cars. Even worse, he’s not man enough to provide a comments section below his poorly written article that shows a complete lack knowledge of anything but pop culture, or for that matter an email address where we could send comments. I’d me more angry perhaps, but as the Times’ reaches so few people these days I think it isn’t worth the time.

Comin’ to Your Cit-ay!

Props to my dad for pointing this one out. You know, I loved this commercial when it was on TV last year, but I never saw the full 2 and a half minute version, as you will see here. Its everything that is right about America–Rock/Country music, a bevy of cool Chevys, CB radios, and near-Needham-esque automotive stunts. Actually, come to think of it, well, its an American Revolution.

Monstrous American Big Block Power to Propel New Uber Exotic!


This is the Locus, the brainchild of Canadian exotic tuner Luc Chartrand. Chartrand envisaged a car that would have no need to be envious of any car it met on the street, and came up with this piece of insanity. If these go into production, they could be this century’s McLaren F1! It’s even a three-seater with center driving. The over-the-topness of this is probably summed up best by the tire size–the rear sports ridiculous 415/30/18 Goodyears. Who knew tires that wide even existed? They are mounted on megabuck 3-piece 18×13 rims. Still, my beating heart! And best of all, the beast is propelled by good old Chevrolet muscle. Can it be put into words the awesomess that is when a lifelong Lamborghini tuner powers his ideal supercar with a 502-cubic-inch Chevy? Doubt it. Bottom line, we at Daytona Blue are big fans of Luc Chartrand, a true visionary who realizes that 550 horsepower can be had for little more than ten large when you choose Bowtie power.

Check the Locus site for more of the ridiculously awesome details-http://www.locussupercar.com/en/index.spy

And for more good pics see seriouswheels.com-http://seriouswheels.com/cars/top-2007-Locus-Supercar.htm

First Post!

To start off, we’re looking at one of the author’s rides, a 1992 Camaro Z-28.
This is an original, high-mileage 25th Anniversary edition with the rare L98 engine option. This is the real deal, a factory hot rod that’s been driven like it should be. Like most hot rods of its vintage, it has experienced a couple of upgrades since it rolled off the line 14 years ago.
The previous owner claimed to have upgraded the rear gearset to 3:73s versus the less agressive original ratio. The author is inclined to believe the 16-year old kid that sold him the car, because while the L98 came with 245 hp and 345 ft.-lb. of torque, it feels a little more healthy than that. And the gas mileage stinks-it can barely get 20 miles on a gallon of gas! But its plenty of fun, and very capable of stuffing the occupants back into the upgraded ’94 Camaro seats.
Aside from the power seat upgrade, the interior boasts a 240-watt Sony X-Plod head unit and Pioneer speakers. The rest is stock and in remarkable condition for its age, marred only by a few cracks in the places one should expect in these very plastic interiors. The car was delivered with a number of options, including power mirrors, rearview-mirror-mounted map lights, front and rear defogger, and power locks and windows.
Walk up the car and you’ll see it isn’t perfect. The car has been repainted, and the clearcoat is beginning to fade on the hood and the big wing in the back. The ground effects don’t fit perfectly, and there are a few chips on the leading edge of the hood. But its a real car. Daily driven for almost two years, it only let down the author twice, once when the tranny cratered (providing an excuse to add a shift kit during the rebuild) and once when the module fried. Its been to Washington, DC and back and all over Texas. Truly this is a set of real wheels.