What will happen to America’s Auto Industry?

bailout_25_billion_gm_chrysler_ford The world has gone to hell in a hand-basket and frankly, the only thing that concerns me is guns and cars.  I’m just a simple 30 year old man from Texas, that’s really all we think about.  I’m married so I don’t need to think about girls, so firearms and fire-breathing engines are about the length of my thought train as of late.

I’m not going to bore you with the politics of firearms, we’ll leave that to a discussion on my personal blog (and we’ll do that later). Here I’d like to discuss what the hell is going to become of our dying auto industry. Now, for the record, I’m kind of biased towards the Blue Oval family of vehicles, however that doesn’t mean I don’t give credit where it’s due. GM (formerly General Motors-now known as Government Motors) does make one of the best V8 engines around. The LS series of engines is exceptional and I will never say anything to the contrary. Dodge makes some pretty nice looking cars and hasn’t been scared to put a concept into production, even for a few years to see how it would do. Ford…  Well Ford is just good ol’ Ford.

So, what in the world is going to come of our domestic auto industry?  I understand Fiat is purchasing controlling interest in Chrysler. AWESOME! Yeah, I said it… FRIGGIN’ OUTSTANDING! Fiat has revitalized marques which would otherwise be bankrupt and gone from our memories long ago, namely a small Italian car maker who’s creator was a little too interested in racing than building production vehicles.  You may remember ol’ Enzo Ferrari?  Fiat has owned Ferrari for years and keeps it alive by allowing it the luxury of tooling, processes, and money generated and perfected from their production line of general automobiles.  Fiat will breathe new life into Chrysler and I can’t wait to see it because, honestly, Chrysler’s quality sucks. I know I’m going to get ripped by the faithful of the blue star, but you have to admit when your dash begins to fall apart at 60,000 miles, there are some issues.

GM…Oh General Motors, what will become of you? I love the new ZR1. I love the new Camaro. I LOOOOVE the new Cadillac CTS-V. Where are you going and how long will you be gone? Roger Penske recently opted to purchase the Saturn line of automobiles. This is intriguing. Will he actually breathe some life into the Saturn line and make it cool? I mean, I went to the Austin Auto Show and saw the Saturn Sky before it was available and just about crapped myself in disbelief. “SATURN BUILT THIS!?” is all I kept repeating to the Saturn rep standing there.  Then they came out with the Redline version with the turbocharged Ecotec. WOW! Why is there no friggin’ aftermarket support for this vehicle-or the Solstice? These are cool little cars. I hope Penske picks up the Saturn AND Pontiac lines of vehicles. You’ve got enough money, go ahead and buy both, Roger! GM was going to kill the Pontiac family anyway; why not have them throw that in with the Saturn purchase?

Now, I’d love to hear some comments from you dear readers as to what you think of all this.  Are you scared or are you excited for the change? What kind of vehicles are you looking forward to and what vehicles are you scared will take over the marketplace? Personally, I am scared the world will be over-run with SmartForTwos and SUV’s. To be stuck with these extremes would truly suck. I do hope we see more affordable sports cars and I hope we get to see some interesting things with alternative fuels as well. Did you know LNG/Propane is 130 octane? Ethanol is 110 octane and Hydrogen, oh Hydrogen…that’s some good stuff right there.

Anyway, I hope this blog generates some discussion and some thought on the subject.





3 Responses

  1. I think that the future is bright for those who look at their car as an appliance-the sort of folks who buy Camrys and Accords and Corollas and Civics. For motoring enthusiasts, not so much. I foresee the possibility of a second Malaise era for the auto industry, where in the name of emissions reduction performance will drop and the automakers will try to fill the gap by furnishing these derated autos with more gadgets. Some of the current performance models will linger, like the CTS-V, the ZR1 and the new Camaro. One can hope Chrysler under Fiat continues with the Viper (which apparently they will for now) and the Challenger, but I fear Chrysler will become a purveyor of the Euro-style microcars that Fiat is known for. GM will introduce the Volt and attempt to then build one for Buick and maybe Cadillac. I expect diesels to show up in cars and light duty pickups at some point, along with boosted 4-bangers in places one would normally expect to see a V6. The potential for excitement may come from upstarts like Fisker and Tesla, and I expect in this environment that others will pop and make a go at it. But all in all, we will be plagued with hybrids, attempts at electric vehicles, and a bunch of cars that are too small for Americans for years to come. Gas prices will be artificially kept high to ensure demand is there for fuel-efficient cars. Enthusiasts will be best served by buying used and familiarizing themselves with appropriate aftermarket offerings.

  2. I think we are gonna have to go back the old school. You can keep the hybrids.

  3. Maybe, just maybe the US will follow the rest of the world in the choice of cars. Diesel may end up in cars????Hello, wake up!!!! The rest of the world already almost exclusively drives turbodiesel cars! a 2.0 4-cyl turbodiesel gives you about 150 to 170HP and a whole lot more torque than ANY petrol car with the same displacement.
    Diesel is cheap, easy to refine and when used with carbon filters very clean! Huge mileage as well…..the only reason the US hardly uses diesel is because your petrol is dead-cheap compared to the rest of the world…..god only knows why…..
    There’s more than Toyota and Honda……look at BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Seat, Skoda, Opel, Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Lancia.
    Check out the Alfa Romeo Brera or 159 and tell me that’s an “appliance” type of car….there’s more to cars than US V8’s and japanese cars.

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