Monstrous American Big Block Power to Propel New Uber Exotic!


This is the Locus, the brainchild of Canadian exotic tuner Luc Chartrand. Chartrand envisaged a car that would have no need to be envious of any car it met on the street, and came up with this piece of insanity. If these go into production, they could be this century’s McLaren F1! It’s even a three-seater with center driving. The over-the-topness of this is probably summed up best by the tire size–the rear sports ridiculous 415/30/18 Goodyears. Who knew tires that wide even existed? They are mounted on megabuck 3-piece 18×13 rims. Still, my beating heart! And best of all, the beast is propelled by good old Chevrolet muscle. Can it be put into words the awesomess that is when a lifelong Lamborghini tuner powers his ideal supercar with a 502-cubic-inch Chevy? Doubt it. Bottom line, we at Daytona Blue are big fans of Luc Chartrand, a true visionary who realizes that 550 horsepower can be had for little more than ten large when you choose Bowtie power.

Check the Locus site for more of the ridiculously awesome details-

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Dodge Solstice, I mean…


The Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky have been a smash hit for GM. When demand far outpaces supply, you know two things-one, you done good, and second, you can probably jack up the price a little. Thankfully, GM promised not to raise pricing of their affordable roadster (though the same cannot be said for the dealerships, who think nothing of adding a $10,000 “market surcharge”). If I had ordered one when I looked into it last July, well, I’d still be waiting for mine. So it is against this backdrop that the good folks at Daimler Chrysler decided they wanted a piece of the Miata/MX-5 killer pie (Left Lane News).

Imitation, as they say, is the best form of flattery.

Presenting the Demon, by Dodge. Looks like a snappy little roadster indeed. Specs sound very Solstice-like. A 2.4 four-banger sends 173 HP to the rear wheels via a manual six. C’mon, you know you want a baby Viper! Hopefully for their own sake the maketing folks realize that the name Demon will eliminate the God-fearing demographic, and address this prior to production.

The Shootout

HOW ABOUT that Bud Shootout last night! The defining theme in the mind of DAYTONA BLUE as the race unfolded was that there was a dearth of excitement. It was clear that once the cars had about 20-30 laps on the tires the double-wide slicing and dicing up front gave way to a breakaway single-file pack for the most part. That’s really not what you want to see in the Shootout, which in the past has been a showcase for bold moves that often ended up poorly for one or more of the participants. Of course this historically has happened because the Bud Shootout allows the drivers the freedom from concern about points racing and to just fight it out in no-holds-barred-style for a million-dollar purse. But thanks to out oft-maligned friends at Goodyear Rubber, it appears that tires are the limiting factor at Daytona during Speedweeks. “Goodyear has really put us all in a bind,” whined Jeff Gordon. But then, he always sounds like he’s whining. Maybe “complained” is a better word. But he pretty much said what all the more diplomatic types were thinking. DAYTONA BLUE sez Goodyear should put stickiness above longevity and get rid of these hard tires. Sure, more pits stops would be required, but it would make for a much more riveting excitment on the track.


Rollin’ in my 5.0

 Thanks to the Hot Rod Blog for the heads up on this gem. You know how cool Vanilla Ice is/was. What could be cooler? Vanilla Ice stuntin’ in a 5.0 Mustang, that’s what. Check out the awesome Fittipaldi windshield sticker and rims. 0-60 in 4 seconds–yeah boyeeeeee!