Motorsports Ranch Track Day is Plethora of Automotive Eye Candy

DB was regrettably unable to make it, but our friend Mr. Hamilton was there and in the midst of it all found time for some photojournalism. Gallery


Ken Block Infomercial/Gymkhana 2 is Most Awesome Hoonage Video Ever

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch now. It is the current pinnacle of awesomeness in the realms of drifting, hoonage, videography, brand promotion, and the skater scene. Ken Block defies the laws of physics in his Subaru while Rob Dyrdek gets slapped in the gut with a flourescent light bulb and Jason Ellis makes a cameo appearance. Just watch.

Pate Swap Meet 2008

Bus-tedThe annual Pate Swap Meet in Texas has a storied 30 some-odd year history of facilitating gratuitous bartering of rusty cars and parts. Yours truly made his first pilgrimage this past weekend and was slack-jawed at the spectacle. The proper response? Take lots of pictures. Please pardon the fixation on ’32 roadsters; there has been heightened interest around the office lately in the quintessential hot rod.

What Dreams are Made Of: Pink, Teal, and Progressive Rims

If ’90s chic is your thing, this may be the perfect ’32 three-window deuce for you. If the white paint with teal, pink, and purple accents don’t grab your attention, the vintage Progressive aluminum rims will! Frankly this appears to be a really nice car, loaded with power accessories and a kickin’ stereo so you can jam out to Ace of Base. Better yet, its daily-driven, or so the seller claims. So if you’re still getting over Boyd’s Cadzilla, then you love this paragon of post-Cold War elegance.

Sponsor Pinks All Out Entry, Have 1 in 100 Chance of TV Exposure


If that sounds like a good marketing opportunity to you (sure sounds like it to us), consider these guys. Showing their comprehension of guerilla marketing and alternative advertising outlets, this enterprising team is using craiglist to solicit sponsors. Actual odds are not mathematically exact, in fact, its a complete toss-up, considering one never knows which times will land one into the final 16 on Pinks All Out. But a nice idea, nonetheless.

General Lee Clone Short on Jumping Prowess, Lacks Novelty Horn

Um, just watch.

G8 in Showrooms Now, Some Dealers Very Proud of Them

Unlike more mainstream media types who are coddled by manufacturers and allowed to check out new cars in advance of their release to the public, we at DB find ourselve much like you in that we must wait to test new cars until they show up in our local dealer showrooms. Such is the case with the hotly anticipated Pontiac G8, especially the V8 iteration. As they recently have arrived in showrooms near you (and us), it was time for a DB first drive. Armed with our best serious-buyer visages we swooped on the local dealer, who happened to have two black GTs. The friendly Reptile that greeted us was remarkably arrogant about the whole thing as he directed us to one of the cars. I looked it over, then went for the door to inspect the interior. The door was locked. Our Reptile didn’t offer to get the keys. We scanned the window sticker. $32,950, as advertised. It was appended with another sticker which cheerfully pointed out that the price had been also appended–with a $3000 “Market Adjustment.” “Yeah, its because these are so rare right now–we’ll probably have that for awhile. We had that on the Solstice for almost two years,” explained the Reptile proudly. Upon hearing how long we’ve been waiting to drive one, so that we could make our final determination whether to purchase it over the new M3 sedan, Reptile said this would not be possible. “Yeah we’re really not doing test drives on these right now, unless you’re buying one.” He seemed unconvinced that we were at this stage of the buying process.

As we left, the Reptile handed me his card, asking us to come back and give him as chance to earn our business. We’ll be happy to not oblige, and find someone else more eager to sell a new G8 GT.