In the automotive world, nothing can touch a van when it comes to proclivity to weirdness (except perhaps a Pontiac Aztec). Weird vans oft become creepy vans, and the phenomenon is sufficiently widespread that is has evolved into a sub-species of vans known as Creepy Vans. To our knowledge, no set criteria have been established to define what is a Creepy Van. Instead observers have mostly stuck with something akin to Justice Stewart’s infamous “I know it when I see it” approach. Nonetheless, various attempts have been made to catalogue the species. I have found none superior to www.creepyvans.com. Having adopted the quality over quantity approach, the author from time to time posts pictures of the the most utterly creepy vans imaginable along with some charming commentary. I recommend checking it out periodically. We actually saw the pictured van this morning in Austin and it reminded us to check our archives for more creepy van pics. Indeed we have discovered a few, which we intend to include in an upcoming LOL Cars uber-gallery.


Ken Block Infomercial/Gymkhana 2 is Most Awesome Hoonage Video Ever

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch now. It is the current pinnacle of awesomeness in the realms of drifting, hoonage, videography, brand promotion, and the skater scene. Ken Block defies the laws of physics in his Subaru while Rob Dyrdek gets slapped in the gut with a flourescent light bulb and Jason Ellis makes a cameo appearance. Just watch.

What Dreams are Made Of: Pink, Teal, and Progressive Rims

If ’90s chic is your thing, this may be the perfect ’32 three-window deuce for you. If the white paint with teal, pink, and purple accents don’t grab your attention, the vintage Progressive aluminum rims will! Frankly this appears to be a really nice car, loaded with power accessories and a kickin’ stereo so you can jam out to Ace of Base. Better yet, its daily-driven, or so the seller claims. So if you’re still getting over Boyd’s Cadzilla, then you love this paragon of post-Cold War elegance.

Ulrich Apparently Has Creds, DB Stands Corrected

I’d be remiss to not acknowledge Steve’s comment on our previous post in which the NY Times’ Lawrence Ulrich was taken to task by yours truly for his tree-hugging tendencies and very pop-oriented writing style. Steve correctly pointed out that Ulrich’s credentials are considerable (see here), and as such it is our obligation to issue a partial retraction. We remain opposed to the spirit of Ulrich’s piece in question, but in this case we uncharacteristically failed to complete our usually thorough research process to ensure that what you read here is 100% based upon facts. We resolve to let no more slipshod work make it to these pages. Thanks for calling us out Steve, and thanks for watching.

Mix-N-Match: Unique Whips Gets Their Hands on Classic Muscle!


Well, if Castro and the boys did the usual treatment to the venerable ’69 Camaro, you might end up with this wild ride. It could be yours for only 19 large ones! Where else but on swishahouse.craigslist.org?!?!?!


Caprice can trash new Z06!

Click to see Video

We know this guy in Kentucky that can embarass the rich chumps in new Z06s at the drags. That’s because he has a titanic ’71 Caprice coupe that runs mid-11s in the quarter on pure small block. Watch him launch this massive and beautiful chunk of Detroit iron with big-block-like facility and bow to his amazingness.

Donks in ‘Natti

Listen listen, playas. Daytona Blue is all about cars galore. We dig the history of auto racing and customization. We dig the new stuff too. But these Donks, well, they seem to have reached a completely new plateau of awesomeness. Ridin’ Dirty indeed. Enjoy more Donktastic insanity while we put together some real stories about real rides.