NY Times’ Lawrence Ulrich is a Hater


 Ulrich is apparently a tree-hugging hater of cool American cars. Even worse, he’s not man enough to provide a comments section below his poorly written article that shows a complete lack knowledge of anything but pop culture, or for that matter an email address where we could send comments. I’d me more angry perhaps, but as the Times’ reaches so few people these days I think it isn’t worth the time.

2 Responses

  1. While you may disagree with him, he has been the editor of Corvette Quarterly. Maybe the vette doesn’t count. Yeah, he’s been writing a lot about environmentally friendly autos, that doesn’t mean he hates cool American cars. Especially considering he likes this one:

    I also like the challenger. He may make the point about the high cost of gas, but gas is expensive.
    Fun that “he” doesn’t provide a comments section. I’m also glad the the times may or may not have been passed by the guardian as the most popular international newspaper.
    Really, I like Daytona blue, though I wish you posted more. But this post was just lazy my friend

  2. Today, in an article on MSN Auto, he even had to bring up Vice President Dick Cheney. What a jerk. Typical liberal: all talk and complaints, no real root cause findings or solutions.

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